Two Talents At The Apple Barrel

lets wait for saner times.

Webner House

This little duo at the Apple Barrel — did she say their names were Hillary and Miles? — are great. The guy plays like Django Reinhart and the woman has a fabulous smoky voice. Blue Gardenias was awesome.

So far we’ve stopped at three places, heard three totally different kinds of music, and they’ve all been fantastic.

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To Your Health

Examples of Creative Urban Agriculture From Around The World


City dwellers are raising animals, growing fruits and vegetables, and even beekeeping to improve their food security and safety, reduce their carbon footprint and improve their intake of nutritious food.

Urban farmers have to think creatively to maximize space and fit their operations into the urban environment.

Vertical agriculture in Singapore. Photo courtesy Sky Greens

These five examples from Food Tank illustrate the innovative forms of urban agriculture around the world.

1. Food Field, Detroit, MI

Food Field offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that provides nutritious food and economic opportunities for the neighborhood. Noah Link and Alex Bryan created Peck Produce in 2011 and converted the former site of an elementary school into a revitalized farm. Food Field produces food that the local community asks for, including farm favorites like salad greens and mulberries. Food Field is expanding with a new aquaponics system to raise fish, such…

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Breakfast At The Philco

pls require the fifo.

Webner House

IMG_2116Today we decided to head down to the Short North for lunch before Richard started on his way back to Pittsburgh.  We parked and walked down High Street, looking for a restaurant option that struck our fancy.  We ended up at the Philco Bar + Diner.

The first thing you notice about the Philco is its size.  It’s intimate and snug, with a bar/counter, three booths, and a few high-top tables.  It’s decorated in classic diner lines — booths and stools and stationary seats at the counter — but with more muted colors.  We strolled in a few minutes after noon and lucked out, getting a table in the back that had just been vacated by another party.

The second thing you notice about the Philco is the menu.  It’s like a diner menu, but with a twist.  Nutella grilled cheese?  Sweet chili meatloaf?  Johnnycake sliders?  Hmmm.  And…

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Boardwalk Expire

careful step by step.

Webner House

IMG_6034The boardwalk along one side of the pond at number 5 North is one of the signature locations in the New Albany development.  Lately, however, the boardwalk had begun to look a bit weathered — which is simply unacceptable.  So, the powers that be decided to rip up the old boardwalk and install a new, improved boardwalk that is supposed to be ready by sometime in June.

No word on whether this new boardwalk will feature Nucky Thompson or bootleg hooch.

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