the hole in security

prins kinky was spent. angela milkmaid wasnt horny anymore. she left him for work.prins kinky was out for the count when his electric parrot sparked mayhem. it was out to clone him. if you think education is expensive try onenightstands.

no sex please we’re virgins.begs the question why the dvd excuse me…sorry i just remember that my computer needs me and not me my computer. angela was back for more of the same special moves.


your electric parrot is out to clone you with the shock of reality. peep


apocalypse xp……..

launch widow sven

billy g and his magic touch with the lady……
captain igloo was sunk. he lost the mayflower. melissa molasses was as sweet as she was sour. prins kinky was eating angela milkmaid. reset the enigma


prins kinky was after angela milkmaid. his heart was on boom boom. angela milkmaid was bill g’s sister. she had big happy tits. prins kinky had just hotwaxed when angela brought out his problem.he had a weird name.he was trying too hard and he was out of rubber.angela milkmaid was not a prune she just was not ready for a bundle of joy.prins kinky had trouble with volatile nature.he needed more in the chariots of fire.oh no…..the lights jumped to red.eeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!!