eskimo saying……

stupidity is always punished…………so get rid of barriers to community…….no use charging there mouth with the stupid bureacratic jungle ….one block at a time till it’s ready to be unveiled to the public as a complete set of procedures and checks to protect all in the community……we can’;t afford to have fagans and we can’t afford to have street kids period.war isd made so catch those bastards pls dears….and let them suffer in jail……they trhink it’s an hotel.peace is really the holy truce…..and with peace the sky is really not a limit for a trained hand.

dirty talk in night-town:

make love your destination

the grace of the confrontation

here’s a song o0f the dance

let the dancers swirl and twirl

the harmony in motion

a poem only conveys the cherished memories

as sure as the sun boilds with jealousy

so the light em,erges from the shadows

if the floor of heaven blushes

the the stars must be placing bets on when she’;s going to show some thigh.