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simple kim high oxygen program for flying bottles:

weight=m*g(newton),bodyloading=weight/wetted area(body)

intrgrl(a,b)d pressure/d height body=1/2mdeltav+lift/weight

v:glide(body)=sqrt:2*delkta pressure(x)dy/weight

cd body=1/2*mdelta v/bodyloading,

1/2 *rho *v^2*cd(dody)*wetted area=drag,

v (sink)=lift(alpha)/weight*sin gamjma



re (flying bottle)=(lift(velocity)/weight*v(climb)*length/diameter this is only true if q=1/2*rho*v^2

m-4x=pressure dy/dt*volume(maths of failures)it got a hole underneath mom the air intake is like the demon dsesigned by h0oward hughes.only true is x is for the elements,the frill-tail has cg of 10-15%

delta energy or work in kg fuel.trump how do you and jeezer keep petrolmouths out of your life i just don’t know how in any way!this is true id delta pressure is 1,4 bar….what a lovely flamethrower you made…..m/4x=presuure dy/dt*volume+c,if c is air the m+c=kg fuel

(dunkirk|)The Siege of Tsingtau 1914: Aircraft — Weapons and Warfare THIS WAS BUILT FROM CAR PARTS TOO.music:k-txt:phs:klu

Launching a Maurice Farman two-seater from the Wakamiya during the Siege of Tsingtau. “Plüschow in front of the city wall of Haizhou in the province of Jiangsu, on November 6, 1914. On that day he had escaped the besieged Tsingtao by his plane, and after a flight of ca. 200 km to the southwest, landed […]maths:force(air)=weight/re number=47c+dy(cx)

The Siege of Tsingtau 1914: Aircraft — Weapons and Warfare

simple kim’s high oxygen program:kimmosasurus school bag ten:mig says it’s only the tractor and the flying wing…….only via a polar bear do you get the maths for a fltyinmg wing or tractor.




v:sink=sqrt:(2*weight/cl*rho*s)*sin cd/cl,


thrust required in levelflight=weight/(l/d),

v:climb=thrust excess/weight,





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