joe texas was sexy

don johnson was sexiness….me it’s sexitude IT ALSO MEANS IN PERSIN IN ABLINK OF AN EYE EVERYTHING CHANGES PERSIOAN LOOKS LIKE ESKIMO…..which looks like spanish…which looks like aboriginal.chinese is upside down french.liquid in chinese means brains which is aboriginal for chair.liquid is aboriginial for cream…….cream is the time of the ancients before the dreamtime came with form af humans.SPIT AND POLISH IS BASICALLY THE SAME THING TOO…….MEANS LABOUR AND WIFES ACTUALLY……..AND OXYGEN ORIGINALLY MEANT BREATH LAVOISER:ANTOINE.. spanish when written in latin script looks like eskimo when written in latin script too…..a lot of people are unfamiliar with teh eskimoscript.


see dears……..

tell them the face the celt king in combat…….i shall use it….my antimatter bow!and you better scat when i bring it on to total war on the kkk±


EDEN WAS telling the spaceships above that they only had aircraftand their spacecraft were only for orbit and mapping the planet,they didn´t have any protoculture…..the colony ship had been hit they were forced to put down on this planet……..they only managed to salvage it´s databanks……the rest that was salvageable was cannibalized…..the survivors called the place of it´s last resting place ±first touch….they told the ships above that they have a launch slated to repair a weather satelitte in about a weeks time.