careful with the hotwax

the informer spilled the beans on melissa molasses. she was a funny honey. no money in the bank but a real draft in the back. prince kinky got out his quantum telephone(it was on stun).
he froze when he hit enter on the keyboard.billy g walked in and ruined his plan. if you can’t take it with you who are you going to share it with? prince kinky had as much charm as wousy seven. msn.error

hotwax xp

the candle is lit.liftoff for deep space.the rocket mail to nasa is top secret. ojay is larking mad.the hummingbird is the closest i can get to an insect in endoskeletons…….amazon*com.

indeginous people aborigiunal this with the fishpot.tsagi.pravda.mdonnel the forge of the rockies.

hotwax armegeddon

hot the cold then hot then cold.
nothing as raw as reality.
nothing as in your face as reality.
and reality is not what you think.
so spare a thought for yourself.
just because you think it ,you can achieve it in the right circumstances.
so explore the unknown whatever your ignorancer is.better to try and fail than to be perfect.perfectionists are perfect because only the perfect never get out of bed.imagine if you try something and succeed where everybody else has might start giving people ideas.

air supply

shouting only increases the output of goobity gook….like a duck in a pond kwak kwak………trees supply the atmosphere….the cycle of water and light……..hydrolyses……very cunning of a leave……..plants were the first in habitants of land. they are my best bet.

billy g

wax on, wax off…..
everybody was kung fu fighting……

i bugged out of the melee.i’m no i do’t know……

all filler and no killer.

melissa molasses is breaking out the hot cross buns…..picnic time in the autumn leaves…….wonder what happened to summer….here comes the rain.