a taste of tomorrow:

in the shape of things to come

i can read the writing on the wall because of light from the sun

make room for the wounded

leave the exits open but guarded

today starts the jourbney to tomorrow

without soul nothing lasts but the fickleness of fate

i really don’t know whare the winds are pushing me toward

i just know it won’t mattewr if you’re hasty

so let it heal

step away from ytour inner anguish

stop hitting yourself over the head for the past

where there is love there is a way

it only took a day for the rest of the world to catch on

i’m so sorry i met that electron.

good design that u-1946 missile carrier.

the battle on the seas in 1946 would have been devasting….it would have had compressed air  for the kettle to produce steam for the turbines and that power would be fed to electric motors……the diesel engine was for surface running and to feed the compressed air canisters…….the exhaust gases would be compressed and dissolved in sea water.