micheal douglas pls housebot louisa

long story for la residentse since 2006 because of corey nemeck….it took ten years for some to return back to their homes,now only the school and the block around it is guarded by us marines!the whole neighbourhood is up in arms and those seven corey nemck lookalikes that do the show now are livid to this day they all say the had something stolen by a bill cosby lookalike!

we must berlin everybody is lonely in the bunker and doing stupid things

the fuhrer is some interesting nonsense about somebody in the news.the person doesn’t have to be inimportant the news doesn’t have to be important but together some of the listeners will have a pretty good idea who it is or why the jock took the pointfraulein merckel…….jeezeric pls plsplsplsplspslpslsplspslspslspslsp-lspslspslspslspslspslspsls,we must may we must agitate against de guallwe,ibm 44678 ammersfoort show it to may………..well may you bring it off the to the market and well sell the ferraris with jean todt cheats while the voters require brusssels.