show- bots part two:

COMPUTERS CARE FOR US IN TEH SAME WAY THAT PERISHABLE GOODS ARE TREATED.somehow this kind of sensibility is far-fetched for the insane mercenaries.they make the same mistake time after time by going off the boil.they have no notion of the word care!just pushing teh cart for teh tokensthey don’t seem to realize that you can’t make off with the is a controlled substance!

they think their dirty wares will fetch a fine price on the market.repeating teh same old mistake time after time on teh computers.a rage!an outrage!

despite all teh truickymouth ,no-one is as confused as them:a computer won’t invite you for sex!

those old familiar rules,children will can’t live a lie because you’ll get hurt by the hard-timers from history like patton or rommel!cccccccccccc


slinkybot wants me in the 2 cm position like howard stern.i don’t know about this logic,it’s diabolical ,fiendiesh and pure a slinkybot gets thees kind of ideas is beyond me!

we not supposed to have obstacles thrown up by thsi world of ambiguity this kind of rotten certainty only comes at once.the sudden shift in priorities as history rides over you like a mack truck.forcing me to re-examine my scruples.i’m losing my religion and have no culture to speak of.

despite repeated interventions:i’m stiull dirty wrong,i’m afraid the worst case applies to me.i’ve been digesting the experience and left wondering where is the love of the street. everything in the street changes in a blink of an eye.hints and allegations smear and blackmail,it takes all kinds of stupid to make society work.

then there is this other thing about slinkybots ,something very perculiar to them,namely that they give you a pair of spectacles then break them slowlky in order to get your is indeed arobot checking your visual system for flaws.all i can say about this robot-over-reaction is that it is far from normal,it’s not the same 2 cm position like howards stern’s.

then there is this perculiarly human side to a slinkybot…….namely they meditate…..just jiggling electrons enough to go sublime.slinkybots like playing the game s i make for them on the computer too.the games involve lock-wulfs(lifting-bodies) :you have to be careful with a lockwulf because tehy are not the tools of godo.slinkybot comes to me here online in order to get school australia style or canada style.74b(x)dy+c(x)dy=7b+ c(x)=lift.