basically it just this:

you keep a line open to outside,then allow the machine to do it’s thing while tailoring it to it’s task,then when they come inside and wreck it while you’re hiding in the room.when they’re and and leave you bolt the door to the room as soon as they step outside the room.

well ladbrookes this is a first

popes taking bets about the will of mugabe to have revenge,will it be the lion,the bear or the rhino,pope says he sending vets too to make sure the animals aren’t harmed…….we can’t help in any other way.the apache advise him it’s between sheila and mugabe.mugabe’s wound up in this supernatural confrontation with sheila,those animals are her reps-all because of a foul mouth.nothing more i can say about this really nothing at all.what went wrong sweet jezus that evil braincell is completely overwhelmed completely completely completely……he’s body must be overheating….if those animals stop chasing him he’ll still be scared out of his mind.