show- bots part two:

COMPUTERS CARE FOR US IN TEH SAME WAY THAT PERISHABLE GOODS ARE TREATED.somehow this kind of sensibility is far-fetched for the insane mercenaries.they make the same mistake time after time by going off the boil.they have no notion of the word care!just pushing teh cart for teh tokensthey don’t seem to realize that you can’t make off with the is a controlled substance!

they think their dirty wares will fetch a fine price on the market.repeating teh same old mistake time after time on teh computers.a rage!an outrage!

despite all teh truickymouth ,no-one is as confused as them:a computer won’t invite you for sex!

those old familiar rules,children will can’t live a lie because you’ll get hurt by the hard-timers from history like patton or rommel!cccccccccccc

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