back to the blueprints!

it’s a long way to brings with it new challenges.rise to the challenge,get a move on,don’t get caught in a world of expectations and depression.the more you expect the less likely it is to happen.why just depend on your serpoent tongue only?

a whole lot of talk about nothing but the usual’s nothing if it hasn’t got won’t get anything off the ground if it has no soul.find out why the songs that make you rise are so takes something like an artist to find a way out of the maze of doom and gloom.if today is going to be worth remembering then you have to put some bounce into it.find a way to make it sparkle like the blazing sun.

sometimes the head gets in the way or teh heart.everything you wanted to say all came out wrong.get your arse out of you head and do something with the time you’s what you devote yourself to that determines in the long run if your life looks like a garden or is a ruin in the long run.

look to the mercy of the must warn you for a reason.we find strength in the light of breaks teh’s just a matter of letting the controversy rest and stepping away from the brink.

you can’t afford the rule of might makes right.everything is in where does the energy come from?this interaction between matter,energy and time is ripple of a pond when a stone is cast in it.showing us a world of colour in a headlong rush to the middle of nowhere.stick to the speed of the seasons.ignore sin at your peril.


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