a pack of devils and a choir of angels

this world was made by love

you won’t see how the light illuminates your surroundings

in a blink of an etye everything changes

step away from the brink

where there is love there is away

light holds all of this world toegether

let the light into your heart and shine

together our voices wiull ring as one


look away from this poor reproduction

don’t rely too much on one thing

see how they relate and find a bridge btween them

a journey to see another world beyond the comfortzone


step away from the evidence

let the light chase away the gloom

let the light show what’s there

love will conquer all

life started with a song

the light made love possible


first i taught love

then i taught peace

then i taught the art of soft persuasion

hey!teach openess otherwise you’ll rot in the bunker.


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