here we go dears:negative reverse:

i need the light i pray for

a song to nourish my soul

i pray for patience and energy

to complete the journey to the light

and move beyond the grasp of the shadows

the light only shows what’s there moving along the surface

why must the charlatans always poison the corn?

they are the people in too much of a hurry to ever complete a work

their motto:rush then worry

sad and dismal characters lost in the bitterness of their compulsion

they sowed the storm

now they reap the hurricane of force

overloaded and overcomplicated

never underestimate the resolve of the opposition

turn the tables and get ahead of the slowcoach

where there is love there is a way

leave it idf it works

then find out how it works

after that you can sit back

and enjoy the ride

remain in the light where you belong

for the light travels beyond the rainbow

i pray like the light

hate is just too great a burden.


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