2 thoughts on “see bad news at ghq.

  1. Hi, Margaret,My name’s JD Wilson, and I work at Tuttle Publishing. A friend just sent me a link to your blog. I’m so inertested to see an old Tuttle book like this still floating around! I’m amused by the Japanese title: Amerika-shiki Kaseiho. A more direct translation than the Way of American Housekeeping would be Rules of American-style Housekeeping , and, indeed, it reads more like rules than helpful hints.This is a fine example of a book that more perhaps than the content of the book itself captured something of the relationship between the US and Japan after the War. The exhortations about cleanliness and hygiene come across as equal parts arrogant and ignorant. The explanation of how an American-style kitchen worked, on the other hand, might have been helpful, most Japanese people of the day not ever having used an oven.Thanks for blogging about the book. I enjoyed reading it!JD

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