a child’s labour:
go to school!
go to work!
it’s your life
wherever that’s happening
first world to third world but to me this is one world.
my life you see shouldn’t matter
i do right by me
that’s because i believe
you do right by you
i will not be made to feel guilty
child with in,child without,child throughout.
and all we will ever be:
a feeling!

The Flight of the Pilgrims

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The construction paper Indian headband was festooned with crayon-decorated paper feathers, hand-colored in orange and brown. The boy under it had the whirlwind dishevelment of preschoolers, with boundless energy and activity pulling clothing awry, and he stood staring wide-eyed at the airport equivalent of a Disney character–the airline pilot.


His beleaguered mom, holding a baby on one hip while attempting to fold up a stroller, says, “He’s the one who will fly the airplane for us!”

“Police man!” The boy chirps. You laugh at that. The pilgrims–literally, in the pint-sized dynamo wearing crayon feathers–are flying: it’s the holiday season.

“I can help with either the baby or the stroller,” I say, realizing that I’m not even halfway qualified to operate the Byzantine affair of joints and latches that fold-up strollers have become. But I’ve also spent a whole flight day with baby puke or worse drying on my uniform, so…

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Aluminum: Cancer-Causing Metal!

true too…watchout for this and lemons.

To Your Health

The Cancer-Causing Metal Millions Eat, Wear or Have Injected Into their kids
Aluminum is considered by most health authorities perfectly acceptable to eat, wear as an antiperspirant, and inject into your body as a vaccine adjuvant, but new research indicates it has cancer-causing properties, even at levels 100,000 times lower than found in certain consumer products.

A concerning new study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry demonstrates clearly that exposure to aluminumcan increase migratory and invasive properties of human breast cancer cells.  This has extremely important implications, because mortality from breast cancer is caused by the spread of the tumor and not from the presence of the primary tumor in the breast itself.  This profound difference, in fact, is why a groundbreaking new National Cancer Institute commissioned expert panel recently called for the complete reclassification of some types of non-progressive ‘breast cancer’ and ‘prostate cancer’ as essentially benign…

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Bryan Adams At The Ohio Theatre

wow a real treat.

Webner House

IMG_5440Last night Kish and I put our ’80s on and went to see Bryan Adams at the Ohio Theatre with a group of friends.  We had a great time watching Adams put on a terrific show.

The performance was part of Adams’ Bare Bones Tour, in which he performs with an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, and (sometimes) a piano player — and nothing else.  The goal, he explained, was to reduce his songs to their absolute essence, stripped down and spare.  It was interesting to hear his music reimagined in that way, and although the piano and acoustic guitar put out an impressive amount of sound, what the bare bones approach really accomplished was to allow Adams’ trademark gravelly voice to come to the fore.  And despite the passage of years Adams remains in astonishingly good voice, quite capable of the vocal leaps and flourishes that helped to make the…

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On That Dallas Day

see watchout for pyschos.

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President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed 50 years ago today.  Fifty years is a long time, but in some ways the Kennedy assassination seems even more distant and remote.  So much has happened since, and so much of it has been bad.  The world is such a different place now, it is almost as if the shooting in Dallas occurred in another reality altogether.

I was a first-grader when it happened.  I remember a scratchy voice coming out of the polished wooden PA system box above the blackboard and announcing that the President had died, and our teacher shocked and sobbing.  But, of course, I was just a little kid, not quite sure who the President was, even, or what this would mean for me or my family.  Everything I know about President Kennedy — the romance of “Camelot,” the inspiring speeches, the successes, the failures, and the…

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