Stats Wrangling IV: Referrers and Clicks


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This summer, we provided a bird’s-eye view of your Stats panel and have taken tours of various modules (Days, Weeks, and Months and Top Posts and Pagesthat offer data about your site’s visitors and your most popular content.

Today, let’s take a look at two more sections: your Referrers, which tell you where your visitors come from, and your Clicks, which tell you where your visitors go.

Why thank you, internet, for referring others to me!

Just how do people find your blog? On your Stats page, look for your Referrers section. Here, you can access your referrers for the current day and yesterday. These lists display other blogs, websites, and search engines that link to your blog. (A view is counted as a referrer when a visitor on another site clicks a link there and lands somewhere on your blog.)

Many of you will…

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Before And After The “But”

see citizens n patrol.

Webner House

If you were lucky, you grew up in a family that had at least one blunt older relative.

It could be an aunt, or an uncle, or a grandparent, but the truth-telling senior citizen fulfilled a crucial role in any family.  They were past the point of worrying about whether people liked them or not, and they didn’t care whether their comments caused other family members to roll their eyes.  They obviously thought young kids were better served by being exposed to the truth about the cold,hard world rather than sugar-coated fairy tales.  So, while your Mom might care pretend to like your ’70s-era long hair, your Aunt Mabel would tell you you looked like an idiot — and, as anyone looking back on ’70s photos knows, Aunt Mabel was right.

The plain-spoken family curmudgeon, freed by advanced age from compliance with all social niceties were worth a careful listen. …

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