Grandpa’s Bowling Team

i really like this my mom has some like this of her parents.

Webner House

IMG_3667I ran across this classic photo recently and had to share it.  It’s a picture of Grandpa Neal’s bowling team, circa the mid-1920s.  That’s him in the middle of the back row — the slender, square-jawed fellow who still had some hair to part.

A pretty somber bunch, aren’t they, with their little bow ties, and long-sleeved, buttoned-up white shirts, and carefully shined shoes?  I doubt if they ever called a beer frame or engaged in any horseplay that might detract from their ability to pick up the ten pin.  Bowling was serious business in those days, when Akron was one of the centers of the bowling universe and dozens of teams competed for bragging rights in the Akron Masonic League.

Grandpa Neal loved bowling, and he participated in the Akron Masonic League for more than 60 years, until well into his 90s.

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5 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Bowling Team

  1. 1. So far no tummy troubles today2. Reading evoeybrdy’s lists3. Waking up w/o feeling anxious4. Brownies5. Realizing how large my collected family is. I love all of you 6. Snow on May 21st (yes it is snowing right now!)7. Talking to my daughter8. Feeling peaceful even though I am surrounded by a boat load of work9. It’s Friday10. Getting the finicky heater to turn on11. Knowing God’s grace and forgiveness12. Cheeseburgers13. My mom14. Realizing the tsunami of emotions have transformed into almost gentle waves15. Reconnecting with old friends on FB16. Being known as assertive17. Being told I make a difference18. It’s almost time to get away and recharge19. Finding things my bedroom has swallowed up20. Seeing people’s lives change

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